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                                                                   Unwritten Letters to Spring Street marches on...

It's been a busy month since the books official online launch, and due to Covid-19, it was a little more subdued than I'd planned, but this months highlights include...

  -  My first Facebook LIVE to launch the book, take a moment to remember and raise a glass for the Suez Maru men.

- I've discovered more families of Suez Maru men, one right here in Southport, more on that soon...

- I've created Twitter and Instagram accounts for Unwritten Letters to Spring Street and now have a social media manager to help with these pages. See bottom of page, the homepage and Contact page

- The book is now on GoodReads, OnlineBookClub.org and elsewhere and reviews are underway for these at the moment, they will start to appear in mid to late September.

- The book is elegible for Book Of The Year!

                              So, please click the button to vote...

- Speaking of Reviews - so far the book has had only ***** 5 Star reviews and **** 4/4 Stars, on various platforms, such as Amazon and Book Blogs on the tour, see September News -  coming soon for all those reviews.

- VJ Day 75 Campaign -  after standing alone on VJ Day 2019, I was pleased to stand with my family and observe two minutes silence with a group of perhaps a hundred, at Southports War Memorial. The days events were covered by

Stand Up For Southport

The service led by Sonya Marshall and organised by Burma Star also saw our MP Damien Moore lay a wreath and my family and I placed one for VJ Day 75 and one for all FEPoWs. Mr Moore's website further commented:

Damien Moore MP

More news coming in September, as I prepare to begin my PhD in History, on the WWII War Crime Tribunals of the Far-East and FEPoW transport hellships, focussing on the Suez Maru as case study. Meanwhile..

   The Research and Family facebook page @SuezMaru is updated and welcoming new members.

    And, finally, there WILL be a 'post-covid-19' proper launch, with socially distancing etc, probably in November, most   likely around 29th, with further details coming soon.

Thank you for all the comments, reviews, votes and support, and do keep in touch!



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             Book News

- 31 August 2020 -


"Damien Moore MP is urging people to join in the 75th anniversary celebrations of VJ Day, which marks the end of the Second World War. VE Day - Victory In Europe Day - was widely celebrated in May, 75 years after the Allies defeated Adolf Hitler and his Nazi troops. The Holocaust alone saw over six million people murdered. While Hitler’s downfall was rightly a cause for celebration on 8 May, 1945, many more people would fight and die in brutal conditions in the Far East, with defeat for Emperor Hirohito and his Japanese armies not coming until three months later, on 15 August 1945. VJ Day - Victory in Japan Day - marks the official end of the Second World War. 

Southport author Jacquelyn Frith, whose great uncle was brutally murdered by his Japanese captors during World War Two, was upset to see the lack of people marking the anniversary in Southport and across the UK last year. Now Southport MP Damien Moore is joining her in calling for the landmark anniversary to be properly recognised. Mr Moore said: “August 15 marks 75 years since the end of World War Two. But it is also a time to recognise the immense courage, bravery and sacrifice of so many men and women from Southport and around the world who faced horrendous conditions in the Far East. At the end of the conflict, VE Day was celebrated widely, but VJ Day less so, despite it marking the official end of the war".

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