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I am so pleased to say Unwritten Letters to Spring Street is  published today - 30 July 2020.

The book is finally published and available from today, its been a long road and I hope that it will also be something of a journey for you to read it.

The paperback is showing as out of stock/unavailable on Amazon, and I've spent several hours trying to sort out what's happened. It turns out, they've sold out of the pre-print, but it should be back up and available soon, as they will print on demand. Meanwhile, Kindle and Hardback versions are available.

I have been waiting for other news today (nothing like a busy day), on another project I've been working on and have just received formal confirmation. Which is that, I will commence a PhD in History in October, on the WWII War Crimes of the Far-East and FEPoW transport hellships, focussing on the Suez Maru as case study. One part of this is to identify all the individuals who were victim to this event, as my investigation of two others revealed they were unknown to GWGC, one of these also being erroneously commemorated at Alamein CWGC. I'll also look in detail at the controversial decision to terminate War Crime Trials on 30 September 1949, and the geopolitical and foreign policy decision making of the time.

Finally, I had been planning to do some sort of launch today, but with the socially distancing situation, it makes sense to delay that until it's safer. So, instead I hope to do a brief FaceBook Live 'launch' this afternoon, read a brief excerpt from the book and send it on its way!  Join me at 3pm, it's delberately at a quiet time, so I can 'practise' as the book tour will be largely online due to Covid.

Thank you for all the comments and support over the years, it's kept me going to the finish.


now available via Amazon - click the Buy the Book page link or click below.          

Book Launch

30 July 2020